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The web is not about computers, or even code. It’s about people. People make the web not sites or apps. And the people are voting.

Google says that ‘mobile, video and social networks’ will be the dominant force on the web as we approach 2013 – and I’d agree with that.

The iPhone was the most important invention this side of the millennium so far, my reason is simple – for the first time ever we have a computer in our pockets. Never before had we had this. Therefore, the relationship between humans and information changed almost over night.

Before the iPhone information came to use in an entirely different manner and the relationship to digital information mimicked that manner. It wasn’t easy using a computer to get information when the computer was tied to a desk miles away from the human that needed it. The iPhone changed all that.

Our need to learn and grow, to be informed and to inform has never been more apparent than now, only now we can do it and get it via a small digital machine in our pockets. Our reliance on mobile is coming of age.

But what do we use the most. Well one of them is video. We like video. Moreover, we like watching video. Video can deliver more information in 3 minutes than words can in a chapter or more – or even a blog, news bulletin, or tweet.

Video contains body language, instant access between the person explaining and what they’re explaining about, mood and visual cues that the watcher can react to at a moments notice.

Video is quick, meaningful, easy to achieve and easily accessible by the masses. Video brings relevance to our searches and feeds our curiosity.

So we have mobile an video that interfaces our searches and the purveyors of information. Next is curation.

Curation of information is critical, after all we need our information pigeon holed. When I want a pair of trousers I don’t want to shown a bag of nails! I want trousers to be curated, then I want my buying decisions validated. What I need, therefore, is a network. I need a network of curated information.

But these networks don’t need to be stand alone social networks like Facebook etc, but networks of specified, curated information with delivery methods that are acceptable.

I am (we are) using our mobile computers to access relevant silos of information that are delivered in an acceptable manner, give quick an easy levels of information around that chosen subject that can also give vertical streams of input from like minded people.

The web we look at is dictated by us. Therefore, the web we want have our businesses found in is dictated by others not us – and it has to be curated relevant information that would probably include video, and be accessible via our mobile computers at any hour of the day.

Businesses that think they control the web by giving it what they think it needs will ultimately fail. Reason …. no one wants it.

N – founder,


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OH meetup Sept 2012 (Allhallows, Old Honitonians)

back 1back 1 - Version 2gates 2gates 1DB and the schoolview from what was the ref
the clock towerwalking past the pavillionlyme 2lyme bay 1lyme bay 1 - Version 2nonzo
lyme 1lyme bay 2lyme bay 2 - Version 2

OH meetup Sept 2012, a set on Flickr.

It was the first time I had seen these guys for 27 years. I won’t lie, there was some trepidation that there wouldn’t be much in common – I shouldn’t have worried, it was great fun.

It was a great day, and I laughed loud. can’t wait to do it again – hopefully with the same great weather.


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Property Apps – Promote My Place (@promotemyplace)

As huge advocates of holiday lets, Vanessa and I were delighted to come across a few months ago.

As holiday let owners, thanks to the social web, we have access to a global market place, so it’s important to have a website for your holiday let to drive traffic back to. allows you to create a website for your holiday cottage quickly and at minimal expense.

I caught up with Paul O’Rourke of to find out more:

What is PromoteMyPlace?

PromoteMyPlace is a website builder for holiday property owners and managers. It makes creating your own dedicated website to promote your holiday rentals simple, quick and affordable. You no longer need to waste time and money on website designers, developers and hosting companies. The easy-to-use content management system means you have complete control over your website at all times – so you can change and update it whenever you like. We also offer free on-going support, so you’ll never get stuck again.

Why do Landlords need it?

If you don’t have a dedicated website to promote your holiday properties or your existing website isn’t doing its job you’re probably missing out on valuable bookings every single day. 97% of people now search for holiday properties online. That means it’s now more important than ever to have a good website that showcases your properties and shows up in the search results. Simply relying on listing sites alone is no longer enough, because renters expect you to have your own website and without one, they’re likely to book elsewhere.

Having your own dedicated website has many benefits:

·         Reach millions of internet users globally all day, every day

·         Generate more bookings for your property

·         Project a more professional image

·         Promote your property via social media sites

·         Get listed on search engines

·         Add credibility to your ads with a web address

·         Save your time: customers can get the information they need from your website

Why is it better than the alternatives?

PromoteMyPlace has been built from the ground up to address the specific website requirements of holiday rental owners and agents and provides all the features you could possibly want for your holiday rental website. We have made it easy and affordable for anyone to build their own holiday rental website even if they have limited technical knowledge. Plus, we are specialists in online marketing for holiday rentals and we know what works. All PromoteMyPlace websites are “search engine friendly” and by following our simple guidelines on SEO you can optimise your website with ease. You can also integrate your social media channels at the click of a button. All of this ensures that you reach more potential customers and ultimately generate more bookings.

Why it is innovative?

We are web experts; our job is to keep up with the latest technologies and trends, so you don’t have to. We make sure your website is always fully capable of promoting you holiday rental to its widest possible audience. We’ve added everything you might need for a holiday rental website and we will continue to add new features and new templates over time. Just a few of the holiday property website specific features you can use today allow you to create stunning slideshows with ease, display your properties availability with our integrated calendar, or use any third-party booking system, add a guestbook allowing renters to leave comments directly on your website, display your properties location with a Google map, receive SMS enquiry alerts, display your website in multiple languages with our custom translation features. All this and more is available at no additional cost.

Why hasn’t it been done before?

There are plenty of website builder applications out there, but as far as we know there aren’t any that have been designed and built specifically to address the particular needs of holiday rental owners and agents, and offer the number of features that PromoteMyPlace does at such an affordable price. Not to mention the reliable hosting and friendly, helpful support.

For more discussions on being a digital landlord, please visit the digital tribe on, powered by imfuna.

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