Yulpa. Cloud based Software that Delivers a Comprehensive and Efficient Management System for Landlords and Property Professionals

Yulpa is the new sister site to Property Tribes and is set to launch in June 2011.

Yulpa is the brainchild of Nick Tadd, and two Berkeley graduates Ushan Ganeshanathan and Taj Udden, who are also property investors.

We firmly believe that the most successful people in property have one common denominator, they are organised! Managing all the people and documentation and data and photos and plans and, and, and… is time consuming, costly and can be an organisational nightmare – even before you decide to buy!. Not anymore! Yulpa is the culmination of our years of experience as Landlords and we’ve used this to create a system that takes away the pain of organising yourself and your entire property business/empire.

We have listened to you and the rest of the property community and, over the last two years, we have developed a safe and secure on-line system to totally manage your property life in whichever capacity you find yourself and throughout every stage – from initial decision to look for a property to final disposal and hand-over.

Yulpa is, however, far more than property management software. It has been likened to an on-line property “filo-fax” but is much easier to use, far more relevant to your property business and will provide tangible returns for you. It is the property management system that everyone tells us they want, but cannot find on the market – until now.

More than that, this killer “app” will be mobile!

This is only a small snapshot of what Yulpa can and will do to make your property life smarter.

Because we believe in the wisdom of crowds, we wanted to give you, the community, the chance to get involved with Yulpa at a grass-roots level.

We are allocating 100 Founder Member places for Yulpa and we’d like YOU to consider being a Founder Member for a nominal financial input of £250.00. This buys you LIFETIME membership of Yulpa. There are currently just over 50 places left.

The 100 Founder Members will become the “inner circle” of Yulpa and we have many great benefits lined up to give your property business exposure within the Property Tribes and Yulpa networks (if you require that). As Yulpa will be a subscription based site with entry level at under £10.00 per month, we have also built in an income generating opport*unity which is detailed below.

Here is a reminder of the Yulpa Founder Member benefits:

For a one-off financial input of £250.00 you get:

1. Lifetime membership of Yulpa. This is a lifetime waiver of the monthly subscription fees.

2. Specially branded avatar and profile highlighting you as a “Founder Member”.

3. Support in starting a local “property tribe” networking event to help build your own local network. Nick/V to speak at your events etc. You keep the revenue from your events. Events to be promoted via the network. Yulpa members can also speak at each other’s events and advocate each other’s businesses.

4. A monthly “Virtual Boardroom” – you will be invited to contribute ideas to the future of Yulpa. (Format of this TBC and may develop over time into a monthly off-line event).

5. 20% residual commission for each new member you introduce to the Yulpa subscription programme.

There are genuinely only 100 Founder Member places and we have already allocated over 50 of them. If you have any questions, please call Nick on 07918 684602 for further details.

However, if you are ready to book your Yulpa membership place, please click here to make payment:

For additional details, see the Yulpa Press Release:


Annoucing the launch of Yulpa.

Cloud based Software that Delivers a Comprehensive and Efficient Management System for Landlords and Property Professionals.

London, U.K. – May 2011 – After two years of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of Yulpa.com.

If you are one of the U.K.’s one million Landlords, Yulpa.com provides a complete environment where you can confidently control every aspect of your business from acquisition to disposal, data management to tenant relationships, all in one place.

“Yulpa was inspired by our spare bedroom being taken over by property-related paper work,” says Nick Tadd, professional Landlord, uber-geek, and founder of the Property Tribes forum and Yulpa. “Using my passion for digital products, I wanted to create a simple and efficient system where Landlords and property professionals could manage their properties in one place, throughout the entire property lifecycle”.

Yulpa leverages the very latest cloud-based computing technology, along with social interaction, and an iPhone app to assist Landlords and property professionals in being efficient and streamlined in their business, resulting in saving time and money and minimising risk. It is also intended to help Landlords self manage, thereby saving on letting agent’s commissions.

Yulpa.com makes everything about property easy and smart including financial, physical, environmental, economical, legal, historical, geographical, demographical, educational and commercial data amongst other information.

From creating a real-time mobile scrapbook of potential properties; through a unique property management system including promotion for renting or disposal; to a complete property finance and maintenance system; yulpa provides everything you need to support your property activities.

The iPhone app is a key part of Yulpa’s user interface. ”You have to go to a prospective property purchase, it doesn’t come to you” says Tadd, who also heads up the Marketing Dept. at Yulpa. “Therefore, geo-based technology is a perfect fit and the iPhone app is a valuable new tool for both novice and professional investors to simplify and automate the due diligence process”.

Developed by Landlords, for Landlords, Yulpa has been devised to minimise the problems, “pain” and risks that are inherent when investing in property. Using the Yulpa tools, Landlords will be able to “stack” deals, interest rate stress test their deals, follow hints and tips on being efficient, budget for refurbishments, and keep detailed records for tax purposes.

Yulpa uses the familiar “dashboard” system, which will essentially become a Landlord’s on-line office, with task management, reminders, tenant communications, comments, and other features all in one place.

”I am really excited about Yulpa” concludes Tadd. “It takes the mystery and pain out of being a Landlord. It educates you, it connects you, it guides you, it mentors you, it organises you, your tenants, and your properties … in short, Yulpa manages your property life”.

Add to the above an online and offline community of people sharing and caring about property, including owners, tenants, professionals, trades people and commentators and you get a safe and supportive environment and business eco-system, in addition to all the yulpa functionality.

Yulpa will also help the Landlord community maximize the mobility opportunity that exists through the proliferation of smart-phones, tablets and cloud computing, meaning that they can manage their property business while on the move, on holiday, or from anywhere in the world.

Yulpa is a subscription based application with a free-mium version (one property) and starting at £9.99 per month (for up to 5 properties).

About Nick Tadd:

Nick Tadd (VP Marketing) is a co-founder of Property Tribes (the U.K.’s busiest on-line Landlord and investor community*) and a highly sought after speaker and consultant in the property investment arena. Nick and his wife, Vanessa Warwick, are widely regarded as two of the most high-profile private UK landlords. They recently hosted the Great Landlord Debate at the 2011 Property Investor Show at London’s Excel. They have a large on-line following and are ranked highly as Twitter influencers. They have consulted for the BBC on property and have appeared on national TV and Radio.

*According to Alexa.com


Nick Tadd (VP Marketing)


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