Your opinion, it counts for ….

… Something or nothing, it depends.

Quote (author unknown): ‘your insult means nothing if I don’t value your opinion.’

The question is what constitutes an insult? My reason for asking is that the web ‘seems’ to bring its fair share of insults as much as the off-line world, arguably more so. And yet, sometimes, we let the insult act like one.

Insults can only be insulting if we value the purveyors opinion. Therefore, trolls can only be trolls if we let them.

I had a cat once – Reepicheep(I say had, sadly we lost her a few weeks ago), and she taught me a lot. She was stoic and resolute. Moreover, she had the uncanny ability to ‘purr through it all’, no matter what happened in their short life she purred. I/we can learn much from that.

I miss her and I miss her lessons, what I won’t need to miss is the ability to let valueless commentary to affect.



Reepicheep is on the left (she was named after the courageous mouse in The Chronicles of Narnia)
Solstice, her daughter, is on the right.

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