“What would Google do?” Quick book review.

Quick review.
I've just finished reading (or listening to) "What would Google do" by Jeff Jarvis. (HarperCollins, on January 27, 2009).

It's been on my reading list for a year now and I've only just got around to getting it read.

I'm glad I did. 


He give a very concise image of where Google has come from and, more importantly, what we can learn from it.

Google has taught us that they are good at organising searches. This, in turn, tells of a different method that we and/or businesses can be indexed and found. It also delivers a different method of use for our businesses.

In the book Jeff explains how he has and would "Googlefy" businesses. This is well worth knowing as it gets your head thinking in the different way of how you may "Googlefy" your business.

Being as though the "social web" is not going away and it delivers a completely different method to bring yourself and/or your business to market, this book is well worth the read.

Theses are Jeff's words on the book:

"My book, What Would Google Do?, will be released by Collins Business, a division of HarperCollins, on January 27, 2009.
The idea: I try to reverse-engineer the success of the fastest growing company in the history of the world, the one company that truly understands how to succeed in the internet age, and then take those lessons and apply them to a number of industries, companies, and institutions, from carmakers to restaurants to universities to government."

You can buy the book from Amazon here.

Or get the audiobook here or simply search on iTunes..



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