What happens to your data when you die?

Nothing, it just stays there.

Which is good really.

We’ve had a post put onto our sister site, Property Tribes the other day, and the question posed was …  “What happens to my ‘business’ if I die” or “am in hospital”. Who’s going to step in and sort it out? Can they step in and sort it out?

Two years ago my Mum died.  And after going through the pain of sorting out the probate, it begs the question: “How organised are you?”.

In the case of my Mum passing it was fairly straightforward (well as straight forward as these things can be).  Dad was able to get hold of all records that Mum kept and  dealt with all the third parties quite easily.

But that was because they were ready.

I’m not. Not that I want to be ready as I don’t want to fall off my perch just yet. But it does beg the question.

In an off-line world, such as my Mum and Dad, the process has a method that is quantified by the world which is “off-line”. But we now live in a world which is “on-line” so the process will and is different.

But I think it can be better. You will still have to pass over your account details as much as passing over where your “documents” are in an off-line world. BUT the benefit that the digital world brings is the de-fragmentation of the data.

And it’s important to understand that de-fragmentation is one of the major benefits that digital data brings to our world.

I have 24 houses. Each one of them delivers enormous “data flows” and each piece of data is fragmented, meaning it could be a letter, and e-mail, a telephone call, picture, video, words, tasks, insurance renewal, etc etc.  How you manage this data is part of the daily routine of business.

However, keeping all that digital data in an on-line filofax (i.e together) will not only keep your day-to-day existence in order but also allow anyone, at any point in time, to jump in and take over what you have started.  Just hand over one set of log-ins and they have access to a dashboard running your entire business, most of it automated.  Simples!!

No business can rely on one person.  That is far too dangerous and risky.

Creating a business is one thing, keeping that business together is another. And yet all the while we tend to forget that at some point (and none of us are getting away with this) someone will have to take it over.

Best to be organised then. (thanks to @pimlico_flats (Nick Parkin) for the inspiration for this post)

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