What does the snow mean to you? An how does this effect the web?

Other than it’s cold, fun, festive and all that.

Is it a pain for you? Does it effect your life?

Or does it give clarity?

I’m writing this from my house in Guildford in Surrey. I’m watching news stories of “stay at home” and hearing vitriolic messages that owning 4-wheel drive vehicles was a good thing after-all.

Looking out the window we have about 1 inch of snow!

Hardly a blizzard.


And I think it’s a worthwhile “but”. The on-line media streams are very busy, more than normal. And I think this is a good thing.

The more people use the web, the more I believe that they’ll realise that the social web and it’s various assets are a good thing, for many reasons.

1. Why leave home when you don’t need to?

How much “business time” is taken up with “communicating” and “commuting”? How much time do you spend, on a daily basis, answering or creating e-mails, spreadsheets, documents etc?

In the main I would say a lot. Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that we should never interact with people “off-line” just be aware how much time, in between, meetings that you spend a: travelling and b: on a computer.

So if we’re suggesting that time is spent 3 ways (computer, traveling, meetings) then why do they have to be done in such an in-effective manner? Surely using the “web streams” for “minor chit chats” to gather the correct information for the “big” meetings is a much better use of time?

And that’s really what the social web is.   Not only does it allow us to gather data for our work schedule but it allows us to grow and become thought leaders in our chosen field. This can only be a good thing for us all.

2. Why do we need to be “herded” into offices and forced to work 12-14 hour days?

The working day, un-less I’m very much mistaken, is 8 hours – so what’s happened to the other 4 – 6 hours that aren’t spent at home or doing what we want?

Isn’t the idea of work a: collective think tank and workload that results in a call to action (whatever that might be)? If so, would it not also be true that this can be done, and with great effect, in a shorter time and far smarter …Just by using the web?

You don’t need to be face-to-face with somebody to talk to them.  You don’t need to be face-to-face with somebody to share documents or data.  You don’t need to be face-to-face with somebody to collaborate.  Above all, you don’t need to be face-to-face with somebody to get done, what takes up, let’s face it, most of your day!

3. Control freaks.

We’ve all been brought up to be them. We’re nurtured from a early age to be controlled and to control and we go through that all our lives. We believe in it so much we are willing to lay our lives down for it, and our life!

So we may need some of that and that’s OK.   After-all we are human and we need things pigeon holed and we like to be organised. But here’s the rub.  The web is a fantastic organiser, it does it so well most of us have integrated it into our lives without even knowing it – and yet – most of us are still afraid of it.

Why? Well I think it’s because it’s free, not just economically free, but free from the control that we have had taught to us from an early age – it’s alien.

Whereas, in reality, it’s “total control” that’s alien.

I’m hoping that the snow and the control that it brings to roads blocking and trains stopping will allow people to explore this amazing organism called the web and experience the efficiency and organisation it can bring to what has become, for most, a very mundane existence.

Let it snow!


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  • Richard1868

    Britain: The only nation that runs more efficiently through a world war than through a snow storm, good job hitler never had a snow canon!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, quite Richard. He went to Poland and neglected to notice they had an armageddon machine in the shape of snow.


  • I love the snow! I am lucky in that I can walk to work, walk to the shops to re-stock the larder and freezer (should it run really low) and have a fantastic park a hundred yards from my front door where I can walk in the snow, build snowmen or make snow angels. Of course, when I am not out doing any of those things on a snowy day, I can be found sitting by my computer using the ‘web’ where I can plan my next week at work, order my shopping and catch up on what people all over the world are doing.

  • Anonymous

    Quite right Elaine. Take pictures of the fun, put them on the web and join in.

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