VideoBlog: Christmas ’09 Greetings from @nicktadd and @4_Walls

Christmas Eve stockings

It's Christmas Eve!  We hope that you are now beginning to unplug and relax and are getting around to spending quality time with family and friends.

Christmas is always a time for reflection and also the chance to look forward to another New Year, and starting afresh with renewed energy and purpose.

Yesterday, we recorded our Christmas message VideoBlog where we share our thoughts on the past property year, and look forward with enthusiasm to 2010.

One of the highlights of our year has been the success of our Property Tribes forum, which we launched in May.  It now has just shy of 700 members, and our recent Google analytics revealed that we had 9,000 hits on the forum during the month of November, and that it grew by 23%.   This is purely down to the high quality content, which is constantly up-dating, and therefore always engaging and relevant!  To that end, we would like to thank the many Tribal Members who have contributed to the forum.  It is down to you that it is such a great success!  We hope that Property Tribes will continue to be a great resource for the property community and a place for like-minded and committed Landlords/investors to gather on-line and share opinion, experience, news, and contacts.

Looking forwards to 2010, we have decided to move out of our home office and move into rented premises.  We feel we need to do this in order to take ourselves to the next level and become more efficient.  It also has much to do with reclaiming our home space as "home" rather than business, and, after three years of working from home, this feels like a very positive move for us.  It will also ensure that we are no longer tempted to sit in our dressing gowns all day!  :)

We have taken an office in the Surrey Research Park in Guildford.

Surrey Research Park

One of our reasons for choosing this location was due to its excellent conferencing and meeting facilities.  We will be taking full advantage of these in 2010 with a comprehensive schedule of property and social media networking and educational events.   Early in the New Year, we will be issuing a year long programme of events, our first networking get-together being scheduled for Monday 18th January, so put that date in your diary now!  We will be inviting a variety of speakers to come and share valuable insights into property, social media, and business development to help you keep ahead of the curve in 2010.

Speaking of "speaking", we were thrilled to learn recently that Nick has been asked to be a key-note speaker at the LikeMinds Conference 2010, taking place in Exeter on the 26th February.  Nick will have the honour sharing the stage with one of our social media heroes, Chris Brogan.  We hope to see many of you at this amazing event where many of the world's top social media exponents gather to share insights and knowledge.

As we will be discussing at LikeMinds, 2010 will undoubtedly see businesses taking social media far more seriously.  Traditional marketing as we know it is in terminal decline and your business must change … or die.   We believe that those who provide valuable content, and "earn" people's attention will be the success stories of the next twelve months.  There is an amazing opportunity for all of us to harness the power of the web and become known, liked, and followed for what we do.  As a by-product, this will lead to trust and increased business transactions.

2010 is the year to build your network which will provide you with both financial and emotional wealth for the future.  Our mantra:  Content is King, Collaboration is Queen, and Community is where they reign supreme!

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the past twelve months.  We wish everyone a merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.   We hope that you connect with that magical ambience of this special time, and feel the wonder, awe, and sense of anticipation that is always brings.

We look forward to supporting you in making 2010 your best year yet!


Vanessa and Nick

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  • Mike Robinson

    Hi Nick & Vanessa,
    Thank you for your Christmas message and a very happy Christmas and New Year to you also.
    I have been investing very heavily this year, but not in property. Another interesting asset class, which carries little hype at the moment.You don’t need a bank either, just cash.
    See you in the New Year.
    Best wishes
    Mike Robinson

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