Today I’m … Working out the oxymoron called social media marketing.

I like Golf, so I play it.
I like photography, so I take pictures.
I like sharing, so I share.
I like learning, so I learn.
I like the web so I use it.

What I don’t like is being forced to do something I don’t like.

What I don’t like is being told that my business can be made better by ‘social media marketing’ when it appears to be an oxymoron.


The very nature of social media is that it’s social, and by it’s very nature we do it because we like it.

The ROI in social is a return on your learning and/or pleasure.

Marketing needs a return that’s financial, otherwise why would you do it?

Both are fine, but both need a different approach.

The question, therefore, is should the title be ‘marketing using the social streams’? Not ‘social media marketing’

In a business world where the whole concept of the ‘social web’ is new, the correct phrase can make a whole lot of difference.


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