The Sunday Times Social List

I’m on it – 98th.  I know, what a git! (the social list)

What does this mean?

Well it can mean many things:

It could mean that they have come up with a pointless algorithm to calculate how many times you use web 2.0.  Already this has been proved to be a little silly as peeps have had “robots” get a ranking on the list. Therefore, the algorithm is a little underpowered and is open to abuse.

It could mean that there now is a way of working out who can, potentially, help companies with their web 2.0 content strategy (via social media)

But in the main I believe what it does prove is that web 2.0 or social media is now being taken seriously as a way of contact, conversation, and influence. Moreover, this will help companies and businesses take a step away from total reliance on web 1.0 – or treating the web as a shop on the high street.

So bring it on, well done to The “Sunday” Times for bringing it to the masses – even if it does sniff a bit of a marketing bandwagon (but hey, all of us have tried it).  Can I point out though, their algorithm is only an indication, not necessarily a given that the person can help. No one shoe fits all.


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