The future of the web.


The web. People. Digital products.

The web is not about computers, or even code. It’s about people. People make the web not sites or apps. And the people are voting.

Google says that ‘mobile, video and social networks’ will be the dominant force on the web as we approach 2013 – and I’d agree with that.

The iPhone was the most important invention this side of the millennium so far, my reason is simple – for the first time ever we have a computer in our pockets. Never before had we had this. Therefore, the relationship between humans and information changed almost over night.

Before the iPhone information came to use in an entirely different manner and the relationship to digital information mimicked that manner. It wasn’t easy using a computer to get information when the computer was tied to a desk miles away from the human that needed it. The iPhone changed all that.

Our need to learn and grow, to be informed and to inform has never been more apparent than now, only now we can do it and get it via a small digital machine in our pockets. Our reliance on mobile is coming of age.

But what do we use the most. Well one of them is video. We like video. Moreover, we like watching video. Video can deliver more information in 3 minutes than words can in a chapter or more – or even a blog, news bulletin, or tweet.

Video contains body language, instant access between the person explaining and what they’re explaining about, mood and visual cues that the watcher can react to at a moments notice.

Video is quick, meaningful, easy to achieve and easily accessible by the masses. Video brings relevance to our searches and feeds our curiosity.

So we have mobile an video that interfaces our searches and the purveyors of information. Next is curation.

Curation of information is critical, after all we need our information pigeon holed. When I want a pair of trousers I don’t want to shown a bag of nails! I want trousers to be curated, then I want my buying decisions validated. What I need, therefore, is a network. I need a network of curated information.

But these networks don’t need to be stand alone social networks like Facebook etc, but networks of specified, curated information with delivery methods that are acceptable.

I am (we are) using our mobile computers to access relevant silos of information that are delivered in an acceptable manner, give quick an easy levels of information around that chosen subject that can also give vertical streams of input from like minded people.

The web we look at is dictated by us. Therefore, the web we want have our businesses found in is dictated by others not us – and it has to be curated relevant information that would probably include video, and be accessible via our mobile computers at any hour of the day.

Businesses that think they control the web by giving it what they think it needs will ultimately fail. Reason …. no one wants it.

N – founder,


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