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The future of the web.

The web. People. Digital products. The web is not about computers, or even code. It’s about people. People make the web not sites or apps. And the people are voting. Google says that ‘mobile, video and social networks’ will be the dominant force on the web as we approach 2013 – and I’d agree with [...]

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What does the snow mean to you? An how does this effect the web?

Other than it’s cold, fun, festive and all that.

Is it a pain for you? Does it effect your life?

Or does it give clarity?

I’m writing this from my house in Guildford in Surrey. I’m watching news stories of “stay at home” and hearing vitriolic messages that owning 4-wheel drive vehicles was a good thing after-all.

Looking out the window we have about 1 inch of snow!

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iPadivity 3 – The demise of the shiny box.

When you come home from work do you “connect to the electrical grid”? Or do you just put the kettle on?

I could imagine that all those years ago when electricity was invented that it was really quite exciting to use it – it was a shiny box! I mean all of a sudden we have access to power “at our finger tips”. Alas, I don’t suppose there were many things to power initially! I mean no one invents the battery charger and then invents electricity to run it in that order.

The “challenge” to invent electricity might have been fueled by the need for light, but you had to have one first to have the other.

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