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Picplz Hits The Android Marketplace – but only in the US at the moment.

This is a great App that allows you to “check in” on Foursquare with a photo of where you are.
Sadly (at the moment) it is only available in the US on Android but will be coming to the UK when it comes out of Beta.
Life streaming is gathering a pace. So far I am seeing many adaptations on RT arguably this is a third gen adaptation that could not exist without foursquare or twitter. There are more coming.
I’ll be blogging about it when the UK version comes out.

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The reason why I am leaving Twitter ….

The reason why I am leaving Twitter ….
Okay, I’ll come clean! smile These are not my words. They are the words of American marketeer, John Reese.
I thought they would prompt an interesting discussion! smile
Here is my response:
What this guy has said is the same as going into London and saying “isn’t it noisy!”. Yes, it is!
But it is where all the action is happening, where all the movers and shakers hang out, where deals are done, where people are connecting, where people are talking about you, your product or service. On that basis, I would want to be there.

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Marketing holiday lets using social media ….

I have just created a twitter identity for one of our holiday lets, SeaBreeze at Camber Sands, E. Sussex. You can view/follow at SeaBreezeCamber With holiday lets you can appeal to a global audience, which is why the web, being unrestricted by geography, is such an effective market place for these types of lettings. Here are [...]

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