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How to create great web video content …

It is no secret that we live in an age of “information overload”. With more material being loaded onto the web in one day than someone would have been exposed to in an entire lifetime 500 years ago, there can be no doubt that we are entering the era of the “attention economy”.
The explosion of new types of information online can be seen as a blessing and a curse. We both enjoy and drown in news, blogs, tweets, podcasts, photos, videos and interesting FaceBook pages. And the problem is only going to get worse, as more and more people discover the social web and start adding to it.

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Why a portfolio of web content is as valuable as a portfolio of property.

This blog is prompted by a heated debate on our Property Tribes forum concerning the title of our 27th January networking event “Why a portfolio of web content is as valuable as a portfolio of property”.
This proposed presentation brought some interesting opinions on social media to light, and during the course of the discussion, I clarified my own thoughts on the thorny issue of social media V’s SEO, PPC and Google ad-words in respect of measuring ROI.
The discussion was interesting because it was so polarised. In one corner, we have the new boy “social media”, and in the other corner, “marketing using traditional channels”.
But hold on. For sure there is a fight to defend corners and ideas, however, most of them are irrelevant to what is being suggested in the first place.
I would suggest, therefore, that we look at what we are talking about as a “bigger picture”.

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Training Events

  Click here – How to Implement a Social Media Strategy for your business. This is a one day course broken down into 6 modules to help you formulate your personal on-line social media strategy. The course is aimed at sole traders and SME’s. It is also aimed at those people who wish to "kick [...]

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