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No one cares what you say on the web.

Only relevance matters, and you will never know when it’s important for them need it. The truth is, whoever reads your “stuff” will do so because it is relevant to them at a point in time that is relevant to them, not you.

However, how do you know when to be relevant?

Where am I on the web, what am I doing, what do I want to know about and what tech am I using to get to it? What motivates me to read what you have to say over what someone else has to say? How do you tap into my “method” to expose me to what you have to say?

It would appear that there are 4 ways into the web:

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Survival is not enough. It will kill you.

Survival is not enough.

It will kill you.

Times they are a’ changing. Yesterday I was commenting on a blog where someone was “kicking” twitter. There’s nothing wrong with this – after all everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Normal is not normal. #wn2011

What’s Next 2011? Why is there a social media tsunami coming? Permit me to explain. Firstly, let’s understand the term “social media”.  It’s nothing new.  In fact, I would argue that it is quite old!  Moreover, I would also argue that everyone of you reading this is already an expert in it! Reason:  because social [...]

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