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Can anything “pre-meditated” truly be called social?

Or is it an oxymoron?
Social media – the art of sharing. This is nothing new, arguably social media has been with us for tens of thousands of years. The media might have changed but the reason stands.
The difference today, primarily, is the web.
My point is this: Social media from an individual is, by default, sharing and, therefore, justifiably comes under the correct heading “social media”. It is done with intent to share and make someone else’s life richer in knowledge. The individual who “receives” this information will do with it what they want.
They may be influenced in a purchase, or in thought, etc but point of fact, they have had their lives enriched by content.

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What is a business card now we have Google?

A physical token of us having met.
That’s what a business card is now – isn’t it?
Things aren’t the way they used to be, but they’re still there – they just have a different meaning.
Take the humble business card. Really what does it represent? You? Maybe it does, but in the world of the web if I want to find you, I mean really want to find you, I can and I will and with better detail by Googling your name.

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We’ve reached saturation point – content is not king.

Bearing in mind that we’re only just inside the “mainstream” section of the bell curve (when it comes to Social media).
Question: Is content King?
A certain amount of content is needed, and good content to, but, based on the fact that content does not stay original for long the argument that “content is king” will not sustain a good “followship”. The omnipresent nature of the web dictates choice, and with that it may not sustain people “coming back for more”.

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