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2012 – The year that social media became exhausted.

But that’s the problem. If social media is ‘the conversation’ then the platforms they are on can’t be.

Facebook is not social media as much as a cave wall is not social media – the painting on it is. Platforms cannot be social media, digital cannot be social media, they can only be a place where social media, at some level, takes place.

Therefore, if 2012 is the year that we become exhausted with social media (platforms), and i hope we do, then what is it people have been doing?

Having a conversation methinks – it just happens that it was on something like facebook or twitter.

But I think facebook and twitter were too ‘wide’ a platform, i.e not niche enough. We know humans herd, and we know humans subscribe to specific uniforms such as golfing or mountain biking. Therefore, what we need are ‘dashboards’ that allow that subscription to be fulfilled.

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