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Join the new and improved PropertyTribes.com

Property Tribes, the U.K.’s leading landlord and investor community, moved to its new & improved platform at the beginning of July 2012 and is the busiest property forum in the UK. The forum was founded in February 2009 by professional Landlords Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd, who saw the need for an on-line destination that catered to [...]

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Property apps – Imfuna.com

Imfuna is a great digital app that allows the landlord to create robust inventories via your mobile – words, pictures, video and speech. Using this app protects you from any potential problems that may occur when the tenant leaves the property. Remember, the outcome of the tenancy is decided at the beginning, not the end, by setting up the tenancy with the correct documentation in the first place!.

I caught up with Chris Raniere, CEO of imfuna and asked him to give us soe insights into his product.

What is Imfuna?

Imfuna Let is the complete digital property inspection system automating the reporting process, reducing inspection times by 75%. The Let smartphone app embraces the core skills of the inspection routine and dramatically enhances the end product to produce a fast, reliable, professional report that will stand up in court. Let provides simple deposit scheme compliance, comprehensive inspections immediately, transcribed dictations from your mobile device, fully customised branded reports, and a property report history available 24×7.

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Yulpa. Cloud based Software that Delivers a Comprehensive and Efficient Management System for Landlords and Property Professionals

Yulpa is the brainchild of Nick Tadd, and two Berkeley graduates Ushan Ganeshanathan and Taj Udden, who are also property investors.

We firmly believe that the most successful people in property have one common denominator, they are organised! Managing all the people and documentation and data and photos and plans and, and, and… is time consuming, costly and can be an organisational nightmare – even before you decide to buy!. Not anymore! Yulpa is the culmination of our years of experience as Landlords and we’ve used this to create a system that takes away the pain of organising yourself and your entire property business/empire.

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