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How we perceive the web.

And it different for all of us, yet it’s the same.

What the web does for us is up to us. How we deal with life and all that is around us is unto us. But what of what is really going on around us and the perception left behind by our actions?

Does it matter? To us and/or those that are around us?

Perception and how we are in an off-line world are very much the same as an on-line world – we will always see things in a manner that suit us.

For example, and what started me thinking about this. A friend of mine Nic Oliver wrote an interesting post the other day called “We Distort the Facts to Fit Our Beliefs”. He goes on to state that “80% of what we believe to be accurate memories in fact include distortions, deleted information and influences from our upbringing, education, other similar experiences etc”

He backs it up with an interesting story:

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