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Property apps – landlordsrent.co.uk

My friend Alex Caravello has a cool digital tool that some of you may be interested in, Landlordsrent.co.uk. It’s a site that allows a Landlord to collect their rents via direct debit. Collecting rents via direct debit was not available to the small landlord, but now it is.

I asked Alex about landlordsrent.co.uk :

What is it?

LandlordsRent Direct Debit Rent Collection provides landlords with a small business Direct Debit solution for collection of rents and other housing related charges. The service is a secure, web-based, paperless solution that links directly into the BACS system and provides daily reporting of all collections.

Why do I need it?

You only need LandlordsRent Direct Debit Rent Collection if you want to make sure your rent gets paid on time each month! There is no better way to CONTROL your rent collection … and let’s face it, that’s why we’re in business, to get paid!

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