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Stuff I use – nativeunion.com Pop Phone

This is a very cool handset for your mobile phone. Although there is a certain irony going “backwards” in style.

Having said that, it does well as a “desktop” handset – i.e great for having on your desk for “wedging” on your shoulder whilst talking.

You can answer and finish calls via a small button on the handset and it comes in a very tast full “soft touch” texture.

It is compatible with any handset with a 3.5 mm jack, but you can get adaptors that will convert for most phones. Including a USB version for your computer and VoiP calls.

All in all very handy – have a look here -

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Stuff I use – Saddlebackleather.com iPad case.

Ipads are great, they just work.

However, being a gadget, they are somewhat fragile. I have tried other cases, but to no avail – they broke, wore out or became impractical.

Thats when I started looking for a decent case, and came across Saddlebackleather.com

This iPad case is brilliant. Not only does it look great (very steampunk-ish) but coddles the iPad in security.

It’s very easy to use, nothing is masked or un reachable and, quite frankly, is getting better looking as time goes on.

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Desert Island iPad apps – what would yours be?

So your marooned on a desert island, but you have your iPad. However, there is a catch – you can only have x3 apps.

Which apps would you have:

a. assuming there was an internet connection.

b. assuming (more likely) there is no internet connection.

(Remember Radio’s Desert Island Discs)

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