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My Foursquare Infographic – for no other reason than.

Whether we like it or not foursquare is here and is gathering pace. Why, you might ask. I have no idea I will reply.

However, one thing is true. As a business owner it’s quite fascinating to see “infographics” on peoples movements – if we can see where people are we can start to track patterns.

Traditional “ROI’s” are hard to calculate on the web (so far) but I would argue that given the nature of “lifestreams”, it’s “manner from heaven” to a business.

Never before have businesses had it so easy. Sadly most of them don’t see it.

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Picplz Hits The Android Marketplace – but only in the US at the moment.

This is a great App that allows you to “check in” on Foursquare with a photo of where you are.
Sadly (at the moment) it is only available in the US on Android but will be coming to the UK when it comes out of Beta.
Life streaming is gathering a pace. So far I am seeing many adaptations on RT arguably this is a third gen adaptation that could not exist without foursquare or twitter. There are more coming.
I’ll be blogging about it when the UK version comes out.

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A significant move on the social web.

Now you can earn whilst “checking in”.
This is something quite significant, it’s a clear move away from traditional marketing and using the social web in a novel manner.
Since the rise of “lifestreams” becoming part of the “mainstream” world of the social web, this is an inevitable move. Albeit not a new thing (rewarding points for engagement), however, what is going to be fascinating is what will come next?
Having said that “user generated media impressions” should be rewarded as we (the public) are doing the work of the “marketeers” by “liking” and “checking in”.
Groundswell should be rewarded.

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