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Change is very good – very good indeed.

Netiquette. I find it fascinating that the general rule of ‘Netiquette’ is so closely related to ‘etiquette’ and yet is still not adhered to.


Simple really, the protective bubble of an API (application programming interface) in other words a computer. No different to a car really, to some the protective bubble that is a car gives rise to abuse – something that most people would not even think about doing unless they were in their ‘protective bubble’.

The difference is the ‘delusional’ behaviour of the instigator. The self proclaimed gatherer of the truth. But the reality being that they’re only convincing themselves that they’re right at the cost of their own integrity and the environment around them.

The reality being that in the main no one has made a mistake. They just thought that someone had and, therefore, convinced themselves that it was so.

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Help, I’m surrounded by morons.

I am, and this is me venting spleen. I have a property forum called property tribes, it’s a small forum as far as the amount of members but the busiest property forum in the UK as far as alexa is concerned. The trouble is it’s now become apparent that I can’t post on it. Reason: [...]

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Who owns Community?

This blog, about building community, has been inspired by two scenarios:
1. Today I received an email inviting me to an event where I would learn how to earn £millions by creating great marketing copy to get people to “subscribe” to things. A case study used was a new property forum, where people were marketed to via a free webinar where the up-sell was to a new membership forum.
2. Rupert Murdoch apparently asked Mark Zuckerberg (founder of FaceBook) how to build a great community like FB, and Mark Zuckerberg replied “You can’t”.
You see, what I have learned from founding the Property Tribes forum, is that you cannot build a community. Why? Because it’s already there – you can’t build anything that was not yours in the first place.

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