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Survival is not enough. It will kill you.

Survival is not enough.

It will kill you.

Times they are a’ changing. Yesterday I was commenting on a blog where someone was “kicking” twitter. There’s nothing wrong with this – after all everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Do I need a TV?

I was camping the other weekend – or “glamping” as I believe it’s now called! There’s nothing new about this, other than the fact that I’ve moved from being under canvas to being in a motorhome.

My uncle was with us, and being an avid and, somewhat, expert motor-homer he was giving me advice on what cables I need.

“You need a co-axial cable” he stated. “Why?” was my reply. “So you can watch TV” came the retort. “Why?” was my answer.

This seemed to throw a “curve ball” to my Uncle. After a few seconds he shrugged his shoulders and announced “Oh”.

Now at this point I’m going to diversify into some thoughts. Firstly there is something not quite right about venturing into the outdoors armed with a sofa and a TV! Why bother?!?

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