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Why do the English call it by what it does but the Americans call it by what it is?

We’re talking about a phone.
In the U.K. we call the object that you carry with you everywhere, couldn’t live without a “mobile phone” and yet in America they call it a “Cell”.
On one hand it’ referred to by what it does and on the other it’s referred to by what it is! At this point we could go into a diatribe of the difference between the countries but that’s not my intention. On the contrary my point is “ipad-ivity”. I’ll get to that in a minute.

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I now have the Nexus 1 Google phone and I think …

Firstly here’s a quick prediction – Web Access Will Not Focus Around the Computer.
Let me qualify that.
It’s been a long time since an action has dictated how technology is being designed. I mean take TV. Since it’s conception the overall design has never changed. It has got bigger, better, smarter but we still use it in the same manner that it has dictated since conception. Even the telephone has not really changed (until now, but hold on). Yes it went mobile in the 80′s but all we really did was answer calls whilst walking around instead of being tied to the wall.

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