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Mobile supports ecommerce more than a desktop.

1. Beyond the demographics, the iPad’s interactivity (aka touchscreen) may make shopping easier than desktop, despite the smaller screen size. A 2011 study reported that 52% of tablet owners prefer to shop online using their tablets, while 40% preferred using a traditional computer.

2. Mobile Shoppers Are More Focused.

Mobile searchers and shoppers are task-focused and more specific in what they’re seeking.
In contrast, a full desktop site is packed with brand-related content, community interaction, company information and detailed research methods. Mobile, on the other hand, is lean, mean and clean.

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If you use app’s then you’ll have more sex. Really.

Being efficient is normal, we do it without thinking.

Where is the rule book that states that the kitchen has to be next to the dining room? There isn’t one. It makes sense because it’s efficient. No one taught us that, we do it naturally.

We pigeon hole our daily lives into routine, all for the purpose of efficiency. After all if we’re efficient we get more done, and if we get more done we can … well you know.

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iPadivity 3 – The demise of the shiny box.

When you come home from work do you “connect to the electrical grid”? Or do you just put the kettle on?

I could imagine that all those years ago when electricity was invented that it was really quite exciting to use it – it was a shiny box! I mean all of a sudden we have access to power “at our finger tips”. Alas, I don’t suppose there were many things to power initially! I mean no one invents the battery charger and then invents electricity to run it in that order.

The “challenge” to invent electricity might have been fueled by the need for light, but you had to have one first to have the other.

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