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Limited Edition Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure

Limited Edition – very rare.

The Mark Zuckerberg Facebook action figure is now sold out the first day it was released. Less than 300 were made worldwide and Facebook banned the figures to be sold after the first batch. This is the most rare action figure and I hear its worth over $2500 now. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these figures because Mark Zuckerberg is the man! There is no other place besides Ebay to buy this limited edition item!

The news that the action figure has been discontinued is here – click here -

Great for Facebook fans. This is one of the few action figures you will see on ebay that’s coming from the UK. Ebay is the only place where you’ll get one of these, they’re not sold anywhere else.

My understanding is that there were only 300 made. However, M.I.C. was ordered to discontinue selling the figure a few days after it went on sale, so it is possible less than a hundred actually got into hands of collectors.

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