Stuff I use – My Social Memories.

This is an app. More than that it’s an app that links with Facebook (FB) and “graphs” your social interaction with FB and your friends.

It’s produces a lovely book, more of a “coffee table” book really, however, it’s very well printed and the info-graphics give detail of your time on FB as far back as 2009 (which is how far they can reach back).

Overall there is not a lot you can say about this product or app, other than it does what it says and produces this fine looking book.

The Internet of Things is upon us. This maybe a frivolous thing with no, apparent, value other than what it is, but I would suggest that we are going to see more off line interaction with the on-line world in the near future.

The production of visual information via info-graphics is going to be very prevalent. After all we see more data in one day now than most people got in a life time in the past, so access to “quick understanding” is going to be key – methinks.

Have a look here.


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