Somebody e-mailed the other day and said … (irony)

… they needed my help because they were ‘digitally dyslexic’!

Is it me or is there a fragrance of irony in the air?

No one that uses e-mail or can text can be called digitally dyslexic. there might be confusion over content planning but that’s not digital, that’s content.

And there’s the rub. Content is about only becomes relevant at the moment that you say something and someone else wants to know.

There is no magic bullet that fixes all. There is no secret to the on-line world other than content.

If you can write an e-mail you can write a blog, send a tweet or engage in a conversation.

No one reading this is digitally dyslexic – otherwise how did you get here?


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  • Digitally dyslexic – love it!

  • Anonymous

    Frightening really – I mean that they should think so. 
    N x

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