So apps have overtaken the web then.

Well it was inevitable, we’ve been using apps since the dawn of time really – a shortcut to the “main event”.

Take the electrical grid. When was the last time you logged onto it?

Strange question, but you don’t really, or do you? Yes you do, but today you’d call it “putting the kettle on” – the kettle being the app (conveniently for this analogy, an appliance).

TV, microwave, radio, light, all are apps that do one thing well but via a grid (electrical). The apps we are taking about today are the same but the grid is the web/internet.

It was always going to be this way. The most successful sites on the web have one thing in common – they help you and I organise ourselves. So as a singularity they, in themselves, were/are an app, just in the guise of an http web-site.

Apps are just small extensions to that singularity.

Long live the app – more importantly long live the businesses that see this and get involved. One thing is for sure – there is plenty of scope for designing great apps, but the question is will you allow yourself to see the opportunity?


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