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Imfuna is a great digital app that allows the landlord to create robust inventories via your mobile – words, pictures, video and speech. Using this app protects you from any potential problems that may occur when the tenant leaves the property. Remember, the outcome of the tenancy is decided at the beginning, not the end, by setting up the tenancy with the correct documentation in the first place!.

I caught up with Chris Raniere, CEO of imfuna and asked him to give us soe insights into his product.

What is Imfuna?

Imfuna Let is the complete digital property inspection system automating the reporting process, reducing inspection times by 75%. The Let smartphone app embraces the core skills of the inspection routine and dramatically enhances the end product to produce a fast, reliable, professional report that will stand up in court. Let provides simple deposit scheme compliance, comprehensive inspections immediately, transcribed dictations from your mobile device, fully customised branded reports, and a property report history available 24×7. 

Why do Landlords and lettings agents need it?

Protecting the property investment is paramount. Imfuna Let provides a standardized approach for both consistency and quality across the history of property inspections. Your business will be better placed to deliver a faster, less labour intensive inspection report enables speedy property turnover and provides transparency for all parties. Adopters of the Imfuna digital property inspections not only survive in this competitive market but flourish.

Why is it better than the alternatives?

The digital approach to property inspections has proven to protect the interests of all partiers far greater than a pen and paper approach. We have focused on proving a solution that provides a more efficient field inspection capability and then turning the data into a professional property condition report.

Why it is innovative?

Dictation with automatic transcription dramatically enhances the amount of information you can capture during the inspection and is automatically translated for you to review on the web and edit if needed prior to publishing.

Highly professional Standard reports that present all you field information in a logical format of photos, notes, and transcribed dictations. Premium report customization enables you to create bespoke branded reports to reinforce your brand and further control the report content.

You can create inspection templates that allow you to more rapidly conduct a field inspection for your different types of properties such as a loft or 2-bed, 2-bath home. Easily add or delete rooms both in the field and on the web.

Share the inspection data across the web with other third parties to collaborate and comment on the data and also publish inspection reports and email the link to download from the web server.

Why hasn’t it been done before?

It is all about capturing the power of technology advancements. With the increasing power of the mobile devices such as the family of apple products and android devices it is now highly efficient to use just one field device to capture a comprehensive property inspection. Synching the data to the web you can create fast, highly professional reports that will serve the needs of letting agents, landlords, and tenants. We have invested heavily in the mobile and web infrastructure to provide an easy to use application for property professionals.

For further discussions and views on being a Landlord in the Digital Age, please visit the Digital Tribe of my Property Tribes forum.

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