Your opinion, it counts for ….

… Something or nothing, it depends.

Quote (author unknown): ‘your insult means nothing if I don’t value your opinion.’

The question is what constitutes an insult? My reason for asking is that the web ‘seems’ to bring its fair share of insults as much as the off-line world, arguably more so. And yet, sometimes, we let the insult act like one.

Insults can only be insulting if we value the purveyors opinion. Therefore, trolls can only be trolls if we let them.

I had a cat once – Reepicheep(I say had, sadly we lost her a few weeks ago), and she taught me a lot. She was stoic and resolute. Moreover, she had the uncanny ability to ‘purr through it all’, no matter what happened in their short life she purred. I/we can learn much from that.

I miss her and I miss her lessons, what I won’t need to miss is the ability to let valueless commentary to affect.



Reepicheep is on the left (she was named after the courageous mouse in The Chronicles of Narnia)
Solstice, her daughter, is on the right.

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Property Apps – @iThinkProperty

The digital world has taken over, what used to be in an off-line world, the nature of how we reach clients.

Take the sale or let of a house/flat.

In an off-line world we would instruct a High Street agency to market our property, to which they would ‘fire up’ a marketing campaign. However, nowadays the marketing is directed at the web, not just pictures in a window and/or a newspaper or magazine.

Sites like Zoopla and Rightmove have taken over what was a very predictable and strict off-line activity.

There will always be a need for the traditional agent, but now we have another choice.

There is a new breed of on-line ‘agents’ that offer a different service and price point.

One such agency that has gained traction in the marketplace  is, another is (from Sarah Beeny) both of which do the job in a smart manner.

But today’s piece is on a new kid on the block,, which does both lettings and sales.

I caught up with Peter from and asked him a few questions:


What is ithinkproperty?

We are an online estate and lettings agent covering the whole of the UK.  We are the first online estate agent that offers the vendor to upload their own photo’s, which will then appear all of the main property portals giving the landlord exposure to millions of perspective applicants.

Why do Landlords need it?

We offer the same service as an estate agent but for a fraction of the price just £99 +vat for the landlord to market the property plus we can offer full management for just £60.

We also employ one of the largest and most in-depth tenancy referencing, making sure our landlords get the best tenants.

Why is it better than the alternatives?

Because we are saving the landlords a lot of money!

Why it is innovative?

When everyone is needing to watch the pennies we believe that we can offer the same service but for a fraction of the price.  We pass on the savings that we make by not advertising in local papers or have a high street office to the landlords plus as they can upload their photos direct to our website via their own personal account, their property can be live the same day.

They also (via their account) have access to all the correspondence to do with their property as and when we are working on it. This is updated every hour. So if we have an enquiry about a viewing or listing brochures being sent out they can see by logging on.

Why hasn’t it been done before?

As we believe we are ahead of the industry. We believe like the travel industry there will be a substantial switch in the market in the near future and it will all be done online.

*Interview ends*

So there’s another one for you. The web is changing the very fabric of society, economies, politics and even language – but it’s there to help us, it can make our daily routine smarter and help us improve.

The world of property dictates a huge amount of effort, and fragmented to boot. Just think about all the different disciplines that you have to master just to keep going – The good news is …. There’s an app for that.

For further discussions and views on being a Landlord in the Digital Age, please visit the Digital Tribe of my Property Tribes forum.

See you somewhere on the digital superhighway – remember digital is there to help, and here to stay.

See you next time.

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Property Apps – Solutions Channel

Welcome to another “digital landlord’ column.

It’s been a busy, but exciting, week for month for me with the launch of the new Property Tribes site, which I co-founded with my wife, Vanessa. However, the geek in me enjoys it.

Digital is there to help us all with really cool ‘apps’ that we could never have thought about only up to a few years ago, because the technology was not there to make it happen.

Now it is.

More importantly, the nature of how we reach out to our ‘client base’ has changed. Reason: Our clients are accessing their data in a different format. But this format can be a really good ally.

Here we have a simple, yet robust, solution to marketing property. I caught up with Mark Whitehouse from Solutions Channel to find out more about the use of ‘text technology’ in property marketing.


What is the SolutionChannels text-back service?

SolutionChannels provides a unique service to Property Companies that provides potential buyers with the ability to request and receive property details – directly at the point of sale – using standard SMS text messaging from their mobile phones.

By using the SolutionChannels ‘text-back’ service buyers simply send a text message to a custom short code number and will automatically receive a reply text message that contains the details of the property they are interested in. The type of information that the buyer receives is defined by the property company and typically includes key information about the property and the agent’s details. As well as a short description about the property you can even include a link to a video about that property that can be viewed on any web-enabled mobile phone or device (including Tablets, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones).

Why do Landlords and lettings agents need it?

By enabling potential buyers to access property details directly at the point of sale, Property Companies

Key Benefits for the Property Company

  1. Including the SolutionChannels text-back service with sign boards has proven to encourage Vendors to accept a For Sale sign when marketing their property – thereby increasing the awareness of your company’s brand.
  2. Satisfy the curiosity of potential buyers 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
  3. Serious buyers can request to be contacted, or will call you.
  4. One simple flat fee per Property for unlimited messages while that Property is on the market.
  5. Engage your buyer even when you’re not open by automatically having a brochure emailed to them or show them an video/audio tour of the property. Please note that the SolutionChannels text-back service operates equally well with QR Codes and the details of properties can be displayed anywhere – such as window displays, websites, property magazines and so on. This massively increases your market coverage and lowers the cost of marketing.

Key Benefits for the Buyer

  1. By sending a simple text message the buyer receives the property details – via an automated text message service – enabling them to assess whether the property is what they are looking for.
  2. The text-back service can contain a link to a video of the property that can be viewed on any mobile phone as well as the contact details for the estate agent.
  3. As buyers are receiving property details via simple text messaging they can share the text with colleagues, friends and family to help with the buying decision.
  4. The key benefits of this unique service are simplicity, speed and convenience. Simplifying the buying process and enabling buyers to control the process.

Why it is innovative?

In the highly competitive property market you need to reach your potential buyers across as many routes to market as possible. This means that property details can be accessed at the point of sale, your shop window, property publications, websites (including your own website as well as partner websites – such as rightmove and so on). By doing this you will capture buyers’ interest immediately, generate qualified sales leads for effective and efficient follow up, and deliver enhanced customer service whilst lowering the overall cost of sales.

Why hasn’t it been done before?

It seems that everyone has a powerful smartphone or mobile device these days.  This means that potential buyers are now equipped with a mobile device that can access the information they need to help them with their buying decision. At SolutionChannels we provide a simple to use service that all buyers can use that is based upon simple SMS text functionality to deliver a powerful and effective solution for Property Companies and their customers.


So there you go a simple use of digital technology to augment your marketing. I’ve always been a fan of ‘keep it simple’ and that’s what Solutions Channel does – it keeps marketing simple but by using technology that the masses understand.

Not everyone understands QR codes but we all know how to text and look at websites – which is fantastic to capture prospective tenants at the point of interest.

For further discussions and views on being a Landlord in the Digital Age, please visit the Digital Tribe of my Property Tribes forum.

See you somewhere on the digital superhighway – remember digital is there to help, and here to stay.

Nick Tadd


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