Buster Lang – Ghetto Rags photo shoot


Buster Lang, a set on Flickr.

I am in the fortunate situation to be invited to be part of Ghetto Rags UK Ltd.

The ‘brand’ has come over from Detroit, has been going since 1988 and sells many ‘units’ to the likes of Harley Davison.

The designer Kris has been doing this type of stuff since the late 70′s for Iggy Pop (The Stooges), Kid Rock and Alice Cooper – so he has quite a long list of credits to his name.

We now have the licence in Europe. have a look.

The pics are from a hotrod meet a few weeks ago where I took leave to use some of the cars to best effect.



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Speaking at NALS Conference 2012 #NALSConf @nalscheme

I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the third Annual NALS Conference on October 4th 2012 in London.  (National Approved Lettings Scheme).

I attended last year and thought the quality of the speakers was excellent – from representatives of government to industry leaders – I feel privileged to share the same stage.

See the Speaker programme >>> here.

My talk this year will be entitled ‘Don’t blog, twitter or facebook until you have heard this‘.

My reason is thus:

We are in the third evolution of the web, as we speak, which means that within the last decade it has become a very tangible and real asset to any business. It is a centralised database of knowledge for those that want to use it for a specific purpose. It is in your pocket and in your mind. It sorts, sifts and indexes what you want to know – or more importantly what your clients want to know.

BUT it will only work when you stop telling it what to do. No longer can you control and direct traffic, you have to let the traffic control and direct itself. After all, the ‘traffic knows what it wants, you don’t. It also knows when it wants it, what page it wants it on and it wants it NOW!

This means something. It means that token gestures using the usual suspects like twitter, facebook or casual blogging will not attract, or more importantly, hold the traffic that you want and/or need.

Using social media for the purposes of marketing is, by definition, an oxymoron. There is nothing “social” about marketing. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just not a social action and marketing to the social web is inauthentic.

So the pretext that using FB, Twitter and/or blogging as a casual ‘fit for all’ is destined to be exhaustive. Just because you are using it does not make it right or a commercially viable use of your time.

Knowing how to use a pen will not create a best-selling novel. However, knowing what people want to read may.

Therefore, I will be taking apart the notion of how humans are using the web to find houses, whether that be for let and/or for buying. Moreover, I will be talking about their behaviour online. After all, if you can predict this then everything else will fall into place.

if you know what people want, and you know how they want it, you give it to them in spades. You will then hold the ‘eyeballs’ and when you hold the eyeballs you can make your offers knowing that they want to be there and they won’t ‘bounce’ themselves away.

This may not mean the facebook or twitter is needed! It will also mean that the web is and, more importantly, your understanding of how your prospective clients are using it.

At the NALS Conference I will be turning social media on its head, giving some live demonstrations of it in action, and challenging what you think you know!

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People don’t “buy” estate agents, they buy an area 

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Join the new and improved PropertyTribes.com

Property Tribes, the U.K.’s leading landlord and investor community, moved to its new & improved platform at the beginning of July 2012 and is the busiest property forum in the UK.

The forum was founded in February 2009 by professional Landlords Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd, who saw the need for an on-line destination that catered to Landlords wanting to expand and grow their business through networking and the sharing of information in a professional and respectful environment.

The site covers a unique in-depth view of many topics such as:

1. How legal is this NMD (No Money Down) Strategy?
2. 100% bridging
3. Recipe for property success
4. Toxic portfolios: Hang on to for grim death or bail out?
5. Bankrupt wealth creation experts: Should the property community care?

Not only that but up-to-date topics which are changing all the time such as Universal Credit, rent to rent strategies and HMO strategies:

1. Universal Credit
2. LHA Landlords … Are you worried about the Universal Credit … ?
3. Rent to Rent Multi let- Packaging deals for investors
4. Financing HMO/Multi-lets

At the time of change over, the site was ranked in the top 1800 busiest websites in the U.K.

Property Tribes enjoys an unusually high level of community engagement with the average time on site often being around the 25 minute mark, and the average page views per person being in excess of 12.

This success led Nick and Vanessa to create a bespoke and state-of-the-art forum platform.

The new site is unique in that it is based on the principle of “mass customisation” where each member controls the inputs – people and information –  that they receive, ensuring it is highly relevant to them.  Each member of the site will have an individual experience, suited to them … much like how the iPhone is customised by individuals to suit the needs and inputs they require on a daily basis.

Video plays a big part on Property Tribes, as Nick and Vanessa record interviews with people from all walks of property life.  These include UKIP Leader & MEP, Nigel Farage, Richard Bowser, Editor of Property Investor News, and Lord Best, Chair of the Property Ombudsman.

Nigel Farage – MEP

Richard Bowser – Editor Property Investor News

Lord Best – Property Ombudsman

The “Property-a-holics Tribe” which has over 2,290 threads and 28,448 posts (at the time of writing), is now “powered by” Belvoir.  Additionally, Belvoir! has their “Find a local agent” map embedded in the home page.

Property Tribes has always been free to join, and will continue to remain free to members.

Come and join this busy and friendly community of Landlords by clicking >>>> here.

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