Mork calling Orsen, come in Orsen…

Greetings from sunny Cyprus… no intention
to rub it in!

OK so where do we start, it would seem that
whilst I have been here in Cyprus that the world has fallen apart (well that’s
what the newspapers would have you believe).

Personally I think it’s a good thing, don’t
get me wrong it’s a pain right now but when we get through all the turmoil the
world will be a better place.

In my opinion the word recession is an
anagram of “I can’t do what I was used to doing, therefore, I will be upset”.
Recessions will only affect people that cannot see through them. It’s a bit
like being 13 years old and getting “dumped” by your girl/boyfriend, at first
your all forlorn and upset, then after a while you re-adjust and get on with
life… the problem seems to disappear.

This “globalization” malarkey, lets talk
about that. It would appear that it has been a problem. One country (US) causes
a problem with sub-prime mortgages (What a farce that was, how can a lender
lend money to someone who already admits that they will not pay them back!) and
then the rest of the world suffers because they were sold “bad debt” in
packages thus leading to the problem we all now face.

Some people and/or companies are having a
great time at the moment and are “steaming” through “The Dip”. Take Tupperware
for example, their shares are up by 40% this is a direct consequence of the
financial mess the world is in… people are taking their lunch to work with them
as opposed to “going down the shop”.

Quick announcement: – we have got a small
get together this weekend at the Holiday Inn in Guildford. It’s going to be a
small affair; I would like to invite you to come along.

Holiday Inn
Egerton rd

Click here to register.
Click here for the map.

As you know I seem to be spending a lot of
time in Cyprus at the moment, there are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, I have houses and Flats out here,
which need attention.

Secondly, Tax… we’ll leave it at that.

Lastly and I think this is a very
compelling reason, there is so much more opportunity here (CYP) than there

I was reading a book the other day and it
told me some very powerful stuff. The western world, as we know it, does not
need anything (in commercial terms) we have everything we could possibly need…
I don’t need a new mobile phone I want one, I don’t need a new pair of shoes I
want them, I don’t need a new outfit I want it… the western world does not need
anything, it just wants it. Now there is nothing wrong with this, if we did not
want for anything then there would be no commerce and commerce as we all know
drives the economy.

However, Cyprus is still in the “need” area
not the “want” area and for a country that is at the start of it’s growth cycle
that is powerful… hence opportunity.

For example: – The internet here (CYP) is
still viewed as a toy, much like it was in the UK 10 years ago. We in the UK,
whether we like it or not, rely on the Internet, over here they don’t know they
need it… it’s still in it’s infancy much like commerce in general.

Remember Cyprus, as a PLC is not in debt,
has cash reserves and a rosy future with the oil, double tax treaty with the UK
etc (the double tax treaty brings in foreign money and business). It will never
be a global power it’s too small for that, however, much like the Tupperware
analogy I see opportunity in the global chaos.

So we have a country that is at the start of it's growth cycle, it's got no debt, it has money and it needs stuff.

Can you see where I'm going with this…?

Ok well I could harp on but seeing as
though we’re having a get together this weekend I’ll leave my ramblings until

Stay positive and keep smiling.


P.S With ref the water shortage over here
in Cyprus. Yes it is a problem, but do you really think they are going to sit
around and not do anything?!?!

See below…


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  • EARLIER today the influential Global Property Guide published reassessed Country investment ratings for 73 locations around the world. Their investment tables show gross rental yields and long term investment ratings.
    At the top of the list is Chisinau in Moldova with a “Spectacular” gross rental yield of 14.17% and a long term investment rating of 3 stars.
    Languishing near the bottom of the list at position 69 out of 73 is Limassol in Cyprus with a “Very Poor” gross rental yield of 3.45% and a long term investment rating of 1 star.

  • With due respect my cynicism won’t allow me to believe “one-off web-sites” with ratings … example they have Uruguay, Montevideo with a spectacular ratings both with yields and long term investment.
    What are they basing this on?
    Whats the vehicle for capital up-lift
    How do you leverage your cash with precious little banking institutions.
    Who’s going to rent it (they are not a very rich country)
    Who are you going to sell it to after the alleged up-lift (they are not rich)
    Who will re-mortgage it to release equity (no banking institutions or local renters to give the income to afford it).
    Based on the above I would suggest their “ratings” are about as good as a fart in a space suit!

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