Mobile supports ecommerce more than a desktop.

I don’t think that is entirely surprising.

I read an article from Mashable the other day which had some very engaging figures in it. Allow me to bullet them:

1. Beyond the demographics, the iPad’s interactivity (aka touchscreen) may make shopping easier than desktop, despite the smaller screen size. A 2011 study reported that 52% of tablet owners prefer to shop online using their tablets, while 40% preferred using a traditional computer.

2. Mobile Shoppers Are More Focused.

  • Mobile searchers and shoppers are task-focused and more specific in what they’re seeking.
  • In contrast, a full desktop site is packed with brand-related content, community interaction, company information and detailed research methods. Mobile, on the other hand, is lean, mean and clean.

3. Click-Through Rates Are Higher on Mobile than Desktop.

  • While smartphones and tablets are still in the relatively early stages of adoption, they are already showing persistently higher click-through rates for search advertising.
  • That more valuable consumer is now on mobile and tablet.

4. Mobile Shopping Peaks at Night.

  • According to data from Google Mobile Ads, searches from computers mirrors time spent at work, while tablet usage spikes dramatically at night. And people searching on their mobile phones overlaps both periods, growing steadily throughout the day and peaking at 9 p.m.
  • Yes, we’re living in an app culture. Yet the power of the mobile website (i.e. a site reached by browsing, not via an app) tends to get overlooked amidst all the hype.

We are living in an app culture.

Why? Well that’s easy, humans like things that are efficient and with have an instant gratuity nature.

Computers, by their very nature, have been used in a specific way for a long time. They were tied to the corner of the room, therefore, you had to go to it to use it – it didn’t go to you. Therefore, they was always an ‘effort’ in using them. They were always a thing you ‘had’ to do as opposed to something you ‘wanted’ to do.

The iPhone changed this by giving us a computer in our pocket, with real computing power as opposed to a stripped down mobile web. In which case the reason for us to use it changed. No longer was it a work oriented task but a desired task.

Apps just made that easier – much like an app called a kettle makes it easier to boil water.


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