Mass customisation in 2012 – the old new kid on the block.

No two iPhones are the same, in the world, ever. No Android and no MacBook or PC.

One thing we can guarantee is that no two points of access to the digital age will look the same.

Because we all want different things.

Essentially an iPhone is part plastic, metal, chips and batteries and much like any computer really only serves one purpose, and only one – it’s an interface between you and binary.

It’s an API. All a keyboard does is make sense of what you’ve got to say or do and translate that into a digital piece.

And we all have different thing to say, do and interact with. No two humans are the same, therefore, no two ‘interfaces’ can be the same.

So what we have left is a ‘thing’ (digital interface) that we will buy, take then customise it to what we want. We will add apps that give us information that we want – information that makes our days sensible, efficient, fun and informative – chatty as well.

Mass customisation. Because we all want different.

This means something. It means that we all need to receive different things at different times, we want, nay need things that fit our niche – because our niche is important to us. After all we spend more time on our niche that anyone else’s.

Web 3.0, the defragmentation of the information streams.

Web 2.0 was a good thing. It woke the world up to digital. It empowered us to see that we own the web and that it’s there for us not the platforms. The platforms gave us an excuse to ‘play’ but now that we have got used to it we need to customise the experience. After all that is what we have been doing for all of time – we customise our lives because they’re our lives, not anyones else’s.

Mass customisation. Digital dashboards that make sense of our days.


Inspired by Joe Pine

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  • Nick your right, customisation is important but it will be a true test as to what form that will take. Rather than customisation, perhaps its more appropriate to consider mass personalisation of our devices, from iPad nightstand apps that can display custom RSS feeds in the morning through to the iPhone and iPad covers of brands like “uncommon” its about making things more personal rather than customization alone.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely. Point of fact that ‘digital’ services many needs.


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