Making sense of your effort on the web.

Social Media: The act of sharing.

It does not have to be strenuous. There are some very simple ways to disseminate valuable information throughout your web.

Most sites have “switches” that allow the ease of sharing – just make sure that you set up your profile thoroughly.

Join Steve McNulty and Nick Tadd for a day of getting the most out of your computer in order to leverage the power of the social web, through hands-on and practical tuition.

This day is for you if:
1. You want to learn how to use a rich text editor and add links and photographs to your content.
2. You want to learn profiles on social networking and media sites.
3. You want to learn how to add a photograph to your profile.
4. You want to learn how to add a photograph to an avatar.
5. You want to learn how to set up google reader.
6. You want to learn how to link your sites, so you only have to publish something once in order to distribute it to all of them.
7. You want to learn how to set up Seesmic ( for Twitter and FaceBook.
8. You want to learn how to embed video in your posts, blogs, website.
9. You want to set up: (including start to finish profiles)

  • twitter
  • you tube
  • facebook
  • google reader
  • friendfeed
  • flickr

This will take care of most of your on-line Social Media identities words, pictures, video and how to aggregate them all on the social web.

Click here – to learn more.


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