Living with Digital. Let’s face it, we are.

I found this the other day.  It’s on the Microsoft (India) web-site, and it states that 72% of time online is planned, not spontaneous.

Overall the data shows how important the digital world has become to our workaday-world. Moreover, the data shows how important it is for marketeers to see the futility of traditional marketing i.e it suggests it is essential to interact with a target audience in a way that compliments a consumer’s online activity, rather than negatively interrupting it.
The internet and digital can now be seen as a basic utility, much like gas and electricity. However, marketers will now have to shape their communication campaigns and make it fit into the user’s daily experience.

When you break this down it’s not hugely surprising. But this gives rise to the question “how will the user get/use/consume this information in the future?” Given that the info-graphic plainly describes a daily breakdown of a typical use (I know these ones are in India, but I have a feeling that it won’t be that much different in the West), therefore, it’s not beyond any grasp of maths that  the volume of “noise” will only increase in direct proportion to the numbers of users increasing.


We all have them. In an offline world there called “ears”, and we have learned very well how to shut them when we want to filter something out.

Digital is no different – other than it’s not our ears that will filter.  Not even a manual task will do this. But algorithmic filters will – the code within your digital world will be pre-set to give you the information that you want.

Curators of information.

Marketeers who “broadcast” will, ultimately, fail.  Why would I allow one in? What will work is/are curators of information.

Peoples lives and world are “crammed” with information.  And as humans we have the “herd mentality” (i.e we associate and group ourselves behind a common goal/reason) this will, and is, no different on the web. I want “certain” information, therefore, I will go where the most easily digestible form of this information is.

Better still, I will make this information find me!

It’s very much like specialist information magazines.   The only difference is that there is more information, it comes at you by the minute and it’s therefore more relevant.

We are all living with digital, it’s integrated into our lives. Moreover, we are all living with the thirst for knowledge.  This is not new. However, the method of getting this knowledge is – and we appear to like it.

The winners will be the curators of this knowledge.

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