iPadivity. The trouble with computers

We’re changing.

We’re always changing.

Something is making us change – and it will touch all of us.

The Internet. It started many years ago. It then became the web and now has gone back to the Internet. The interesting thing is how we use it.

The web is about 18 years old and, in the beginning, we called it web 1.0. But the trouble with web 1.0 was that we could only “download” stuff – we couldn’t interact with it. We couldn’t comment on it, share it, or aggregate it. For us to get anything out of it we had to trust the source! We “surfed the web” randomly.

Things are different now. Now we have web 2.0, and what that means is that we (the masses) can “up-load” as well as “download” without the need for expensive coding.

Therefore, web 2.0 is web 1.0 that works!

This is fundamental, as this is changing the way that we “work” the web, and the web is changing the way we are.

Over the last 10 years, since the official start of web 1.0, many sites have emerged that allow us to “organize” ourselves. Think about it, YouTube organises our video, Flickr organises our photographs, LinkedIn organises our business contacts and Facebook organises our friends. In Twitter, we even have a site for organising our “chit chat” – the list is, quite literally, endless and getting longer by the day.

By default we now “go to” the site that we need as opposed to blindly surfing around for something.

These sites have now become an “application”, an extension of our lives. We go straight there for the reason of using the site/application to help us organises ourselves. And it is this specific use of the sites/applications that have changed the way that we are and how we live our lives. These sites/ applications now hold gravitas.

But there is a problem. And this problem is this – a computer! You need a device that connects you to the Internet to access your sites/applications (apps).

The trouble with a computer is that it’s not mobile. You have to go to it rather that it coming with you. Yes we have laptops, but they are not truly mobile. They’re heavy and cumbersome and really only a stripped down version of a desktop – I can’t see many people careering down the side of a mountain on a mountain bike with a laptop in their backpack!

It’s not the fault of the computer – but let’s face it, the computer has really never changed design since Charles Babbage invented it in the 19 century! It’s still a lump that we have to sit in front of.

So you can see the problem. On one hand we have the fine use of apps to help us organise ourselves and on the other we have poor technology to execute it.

That was until April 2007 when Apple released the iPhone which, arguably, is one of the most fundamental inventions of this millennium so far. Not because it was a clever mobile phone but because it was the first truly mobile computer. Up until that point you could get onto the web via a mobile but it was a very “stripped down” version – the iPhone delivered the web in all its glory, functionality, and immediacy.

So now we have apps that helped us organise ourselves and a device that we could take anywhere. We can conduct business while lying on a beach or sitting in a motorhome! We are not tied to offices or the 9 – 5. The apps we use are “micro managing” our lives and giving us access to “stuff” in “real time” as and when we want it, and these apps, in the future, will be built into the very fabric of what we have around us.

And this is iPadivity.

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