iPadivity 3 – The demise of the shiny box.

When you come home from work do you “connect to the electrical grid”? Or do you just put the kettle on?

I could imagine that all those years ago when electricity was invented that it was really quite exciting to use it  - it was a shiny box! I mean all of a sudden we have access to power “at our finger tips”. Alas, I don’t suppose there were many things to power initially! I mean no one invents the battery charger and then invents electricity to run it in that order.

The “challenge” to invent electricity might have been fueled by the need for light, but you had to have one first to have the other.

So suddenly we had the electrical grid, and we had a desire to have it because we wanted light and warmth in our houses. It was expensive at first and some people thought “oh no I don’t need that, why would I need it I have a fire!”. But after a while, it became normal to have the electrical grid “fed” to your house.

Moreover, it became normal to use many different things with “the grid”. We could “hook up” a fantastic array of “appliances” such as TV’s, Radios, Microwaves, PlayStations, Intensive care units etc. And that’s the thing about electricity we, as users, don’t really care about “the grid” we care about the things that it fuels and the convenience that it brings.

And these appliances are “apps”. These “apps” are, in essence, no different than the “apps” we use on the web to control and organise our daily lives. The way we view the internet today is probably no different than the way people first viewed “the grid” all those years ago.

The internet is fun and exciting, it’s fairly new, but what we can be sure about is, much like electricity, it will be integrated into our lives completely. Electricity gave us “appliances” and the internet gave us “applications”.

The internet gives us the convenience of applications. The “shiny box” is now not just a toy but a very convenient tool.

So next time you come home from work will you “log on” to the electrical grid or put the kettle on? Will you “log on” to the internet or just open an app?

Furthermore, the advent of mobile computing means that we are connected to the web 24/7/365. The beauty of this app is that you don’t have to go to it, it comes with you.

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