If you use app’s then you’ll have more sex. Really.

Core human programming is to procreate. This is normal. A desire to beget and conceive offspring, and ensure your genes remain in the gene pool.

And to do this humans have become very adept at being efficient in their daily lives. Reason: If we’re efficient at everything else then we can find more time to procreate!

Being efficient is normal, we do it without thinking.

Where is the rule book that states that the kitchen has to be next to the dining room? There isn’t one. It makes sense because it’s efficient. No one taught us that, we do it naturally.

We pigeon hole our daily lives into routine, all for the purpose of efficiency. After all,  if we’re efficient we get more done, and if we get more done we can … well you know. :)

So that brings me onto another question: Why have we adopted ‘digital’? Why do we like it so much? Why is it we allowed ‘digital’ into our lives?

Answer: It makes us efficient.

No matter what part of the digital world you choose to use, it will make you efficient and therefore more productive.

The digital world is full of ‘stuff’ that makes your daily routine better. You can find stuff, buy stuff, create stuff, sell stuff, organise stuff, show stuff, share stuff, you can communicate, be social, learn. You can write stuff, send stuff, read stuff. In fact there is precious little the ‘digital’ can’t do to augment our daily lives.

Each one of these things that we use digital for is an app, in the truest sense of the word. An application that solves a problem and makes us efficient.

So when you want to procreate remember, you found the time because you used an app!


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