I have found the best social media site ever.

You can chat with people. You can share stuff. You can upload pictures, video and music. You can share your lifestyle, where you are, what you’re doing and with who. It will send you regular up-dates from your friends it will even send you deals on specific products.

It is, by far, the best way of getting information. It’s robust, it very rarely fails.

It’s called e-mail!

The irony of this should not be lost – even though it’s delivered in a sarcastic manner.

Social media should not be confusing, we’ve all been doing it since the dawn of time – and we all know how to use e-mail.

So if e-mail is the same as any social media sites, and we all know how to use it, then it’s what you say that is more important.

It always has been. You are important, what you know is important, and what other people know is important.

So when someone says that they have the answer to the social media question, remember you’ve been doing it for a long time.


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  • Yeah, I like this.. I still use email very heavily, despite facebook’s attempt to lure me away, it remains pretty much a hub for my “serious” business conversations

  • Anonymous

    It will always be there. It just works. But it’s what’s on it thats important.

    N ;)

  • You are the makings of a reference article and loads of Google juice here Nick, I always knew you would catch on one day buddy ;)

    Take care


  • Anonymous

    Nice one Mark – now you should be sitting on the beach not on the web LOL

    N x

  • It is 5:54am here in Mexico and it’s dark, bloody jet lag ;(

  • Debbie Tarrier

    Mobil Oil had their own internal system early days of email… caused mayhem occasionally with mail accidentally sent to All…   
    I use email, a lot, though it can take over.

  • Anonymous

    Being social will always take over x

  • Matwalden

    Don’t forget the mark 1 telephone – its amazing what you can complete when you talk to people. As to email  – its one of the main forms I use – forget texting, facef@*k and very rarely use twitter – but then again it depends on what you do – use what is best for you..

  • Anonymous

    Indeed, the reality of it is there are many ways to communicate and none of them, as a singularity, is better than another – collectively they are better.

    But you’re right in your comment that it’s down to what you do and what you want.


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