Google never forgets.

Google never forgets.

Hi Nick Tadd here,

I'm sure you all are aware of the importance of Web 2/3 and social
media. However, as much as an understanding is important as the content
you supply, branding or the way you are seen or perceived on the web is
of equal importance.

On a regular basis I keep getting asked how I have done "stuff" on the
web like video, pictures, favicons, banners, widgets, basic coding etc.
All these topics and more are there to enhance what is Web 2.0 and
further more Web 3.0.

Please understand I'm not a web designer I'm a web user, that's why I have created this – click here – a compendium of how to use the web.

For example:

All pictures need to be sized (so web browsers can handle them),
usually 16×16 pixel if it's a favicon (the little icon you see in your
URL bar), 500 pixel if it's a main picture/graphic (average) or 150
pixel if it's in a column. It's how you achieve the sizing and look of
the picture that adds value to your brand. There are some very simple
ways of achieving this.

I'll pick on one or two now …


I use Flickr
for pictures/graphics, bearing in mind the volume of work you will
achieve over time you need to manage your Flickr page accordingly.
Flickr is (IMHP) the best one out there, you can …

Re-Size and do minor editing
Create Sets and Catagories for ease of finding
Create Tags that are listed naturally (people will find you via these)
Add map tags, where the picture was taken (this will again link back to you)
Plus a whole host of other feature of which the main one is being able
to "embed" the URL of the picture in other sites and the efficiency of
"cross sourcing" with other social media sites.

Also how do you create "interesting pictures"? There are some great
sites out there where you can add "effects" to picture, one of which is
BeFunky (I have used it on my picture on my twitter page)

On that note how do you create an interesting Twitter page? Again a very simple free site

I've already started a Twitter forum – click here -


One of the major flaws in video that I have seen is the poor quality of the end product. This can be rectified very simply.

Digital cameras need light (lots of it) plus good sound. Most cameras
have an in built microphone but they're not very effective for the web.

These issues can be overcome for a very small amount of money and effort. Plus hosting of the video, I know You Tube is out there and it is by far the most universal but did you know that you can create a channel on (it will "fire" your video out to many other sites up-to and including I-Tunes podcasts) as well as You Tube, this way you maximise you web effort again for little of your effort.

Note: Always "shoot" in widescreen and HD (if you can) remember the
future of the web will mean that all of us will have our own TV
channel, therefore, using out dated methods are redundant. (Othewise
you will have to do it all again).

Note: How do you create the "bug" in the top corner of your video (like
the BBC or Sky)? There are some simple sites that allow you to do this.

I will be covering video in detail later.

Clearly there are too many topics to chat about here, however, that is why I created this new site – click here – it's free to use and learn from. The compendium will grow with your in-put as well as mine.

For an in depth look at what the web will be like and why you need to
organize your brand from day one please watch this video by Kevin Kelly.
It's not about the web from a "flowery" point of view, moreover, where
the web is going and what it's going to be. By understanding this you
will understand the importance of why you need to create your
"personal" brand in the age of google.

Please take a look and join in WE NEED TO BE LED BY YOU.

Google never forgets, so make sure all your web activities keep the brand that you want.


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