Do you think the web is going to help the economic recovery?

Yes, but alas it’s at the cost of getting a Government to help – and I think we all know what will happen then!

OK cynics aside, we need the web/digital products to help with the economic recovery.

We have a moment in time that needs to be grasped. For what it’s worth, we’ve gone passed the end of the industrial era and ventured into the information era – however, that moment has been rather wasted on the current leaders of the various institutions that control our destinies. Wasted because how we act and react has changed.

Throwing ‘economic stimulus’ at projects that should be left to pass on is silly. As I write this (27th Sept 11) we are on the brink of yet another economic downturn. But it may not need to be this way.

Small businesses are forging away with this new era, and they need support. They need the stimulus – or at least part of it. This will make a change for the good.

However, we, as a country, lack the impetus that we need to ‘drag’ us through the downtimes.

Companies that made the best use of the web grew at a rate of 4.1% in the last 4 years – this should be a good indicator of why ‘digital’ needs to be the way forward. The small companies that are leading the way with ‘digital UK’ are expected to grow at a rate of 10% per year over the next 5 years. Thus reaching 10% of the GDP by 2015.

The UK exported £2.80 for every £1 imported. This puts “digital’ as a central pillar to the UK economy. Digital shopkeepers and engineers – all the things that made Britain great.

This means that the UK is punching well above its weight – and this is good, this means we have a manufacturing business again. Again we can start to export, again we can become a global powerhouse.

The web will be the backbone of economic recovery.



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  • Music to my ears! Seems it is all worth it after all! Have a few international clients, and always have a wry smile when I know money is coming back in the country when I take one on! Viva the UK’s economy!

  • Anonymous

    I know what you mean. It feels like years in the wilderness has paid off – we are the best at export, we’ve been doing it longer than most other countries, we should stick to it.

    Viva UK

  • I think the UK economy desperately needs the web

  • Anonymous

    Britain very much needs the web and the economic input it brings #digitalbritain

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