Desert Island iPad apps – what would yours be?

So you’re marooned on a desert island, but you have your iPad. However, there is a catch – you can only have x3 apps.

Which apps would you have?

a. assuming there was an internet connection.

b. assuming (more likely) there is no internet connection.

(Inspired by Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs)

Me? Well I’d have:

With Internet.

Without internet.

  • Stick Cricket (my fav game on the iPhone and iPad – you can knock the best bowlers round the park)
  • iBook (assuming that I had a good library before getting marooned)
  • Notes Plus (note book application that allows writing as well as sketching – this will keep my creativity alive)

What would yours be?


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  • Great idea Nick – love the way your mind works

    Mine withoutInternet connection would be
    iAWriter – for writing
    IThoughts – for Mind Mapping
    StarWalk – for connecting with the cosmos

    With Internet
    Skype – for chatting
    TED – for learning
    BBC iPlayer – for entertainment

  • With internet:

    Pulse news reader – easy graphical news reading
    YouTube – great to keep up with vlogs & music
    iTunes app – for downloading new content

    Without internet:

    X-plane – everything you could want in a flight simulator
    Kindle/iBooks – for reading, the device can hold a lifetime of books. Some desert survival manuals would be good!
    Pages – to write my desert island story for publishing when I’m rescued

  • Anonymous

    I tried Pulse but didn’t get on with it. However, I understand that they have updated the code?

    X-Plane, now I was looking for something like that James – ta


  • Anonymous

    Is the iAWriter the one we were talking about the other day?

    If so that could be better than the one I was suggesting.


  • Fantastic idea Nic!

    With Internet:
    iTunes – for updates and new music etc
    Flipboard – for conection
    YouTube – well, for what YouTube does best!

    Without Internet
    Flippin Frogs – best game and keep me occupied!
    Kindle – very well stocked before hand
    Penultimate – for scribbing my memoirs!

  • Yes, they’ve updated Pulse recently – it’s great for quickly flicking through headlines until you find a good one.

    The X-Plane iPad app is great and includes aircraft carriers & the Space Shuttle too!

  • Anonymous

    oohh XPlane then.


  • Anonymous

    Yup I like Flipboard, but flippin frogs!

    Looks like I’m going to learn some new stuff here.

    N x

  • That’s the one – watch the video –

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