Change is very good – very good indeed.

Out with the old and in with the new. PT, as a forum, is and has gone exactly the way it wanted and the way it was guided by those that use it – and predictably so.

PT is where everyone wanted it to be, as a forum. It was guided buy those that use it and it has them to thank for it.

But any forum is bigger than the individual. It always has been, 95% of the ‘noise’ comes from 5% of the people. This ratio, no matter how notional, works. However, the remaining 95% of the users of PT should not be forgotten, as they make up the majority.

There always will be ‘pain’ when change occurs, and with that comes inconsistencies. Forums, as software, have been outdated for a long time – and in the world of web 3.0 there are less than powerful as they once were. That is why change is good.

Web 3.0 for the purpose of the defragmentation of information will take out the inconsistencies that the poster brings to the site. And this is good, as the few that spoil any site will not be allowed to, as their human inconsistencies (which has been all to obvious over the last few months) will not interfere with the purpose of the site in the first place. And I’m not referring to trolls.

Netiquette. I find it fascinating that the general rule of ‘Netiquette’ is so closely related to ‘etiquette’ and yet is still not adhered to.


Simple really, the protective bubble of an API (application programming interface) in other words a computer. No different to a car really, to some the protective bubble that is a car gives rise to abuse – something that most people would not even think about doing unless they were in their ‘protective bubble’.

The difference is the ‘delusional’ behaviour of the instigator. The self proclaimed gatherer of the truth. But the reality being that they’re only convincing themselves that they’re right at the cost of their own integrity and the environment around them.

The reality being that in the main no one has made a mistake. They just thought that someone had and, therefore, convinced themselves that it was so.

Much like a forum. There are those that report negativity where there was non, and through this action they convince themselves that they were right – they even bring in other people to agree with them.

And it goes on and on. Right up until a sizeable chunk conversation on the forum is not about anything else other than.

They report ‘change’, but they report the ‘change’ that they wanted and instigated. And change is what they got.

In the last few months (in excess really) I have seen a change, I’ve experienced a change, I’ve even experience hostility and threats. I see it daily. And I think it’s shameful the way ‘certain people’ have been behaving here – but not wholly un-expected.

Troll . The age old analogy to blame. However, There are many types of disruptive users that are not trolls. Trolling is a violation of the implicit rules of Internet social spaces and is often done to inflame or invite conflict – and yet some of them have id’s!

Trolls cannot be entirely to blame anymore, neither new users or those that are un-aware. “There is no such thing as a stupid question if you don’t know the answer’ and based on that those that want to know should be allowed to ask and shouldn’t be frightened of doing so on the threat of belittlement at the hands of the few that want to control.

Netiquette. The ability to exercise self control, for the sake of the environment around you and the people within it. The ability to be a decent human being. The realisation that it’s ‘not all about you’.

I have changed and so has the forum, as guided by the users so far …. for the better and of the sake of Netiquette.


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