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OH meetup Sept 2012 (Allhallows, Old Honitonians)

It was the first time I had seen these guys for 27 years. I won’t lie, there was some trepidation that there wouldn’t be much in common – I shouldn’t have worried, it was great fun.

It was a great day, and I laughed loud. can’t wait to do it again – hopefully with the same great weather.


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Your opinion, it counts for ….

… Something or nothing, it depends. Quote (author unknown): ‘your insult means nothing if I don’t value your opinion.’ The question is what constitutes an insult? My reason for asking is that the web ‘seems’ to bring its fair share of insults as much as the off-line world, arguably more so. And yet, sometimes, we [...]

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Mass customisation in 2012 – the old new kid on the block.

Because we all want different things.

Essentially an iPhone is part plastic, metal, chips and batteries and much like any computer really only serves one purpose, and only one – it’s an interface between you and binary.

It’s an API. All a keyboard does is make sense of what you’ve got to say or do and translate that into a digital piece.

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