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Property Tribes, the U.K.’s leading landlord and investor community, moved to its new & improved platform at the beginning of July 2012 and is the busiest property forum in the UK. The forum was founded in February 2009 by professional Landlords Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd, who saw the need for an on-line destination that catered to [...]

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Top 10 reasons why you will never bring a No Money Down property deal to completion (at the moment) …

Still think you can do a No Money Down property deal? It might be time to think again: 1. Lenders have such little appetite to lend that they are cherry-picking who they lend to:According to my personal reseach only one in 20 mortgage applicationswhere the person applying has the 25% deposit are going through tocompletion. [...]

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AT LAST – THE TRUTH ABOUT "NO MONEY DOWN" PROPERTY DEALS REVEALED …. Dear fellow Investor, Today’s broadcast is about a subject very close to our hearts, and our wallets!  In the past, we have been big advocates of doing deals in a "no money down" format.  However, those days are now long gone (courtesy [...]

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