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If you use app’s then you’ll have more sex. Really.

Being efficient is normal, we do it without thinking.

Where is the rule book that states that the kitchen has to be next to the dining room? There isn’t one. It makes sense because it’s efficient. No one taught us that, we do it naturally.

We pigeon hole our daily lives into routine, all for the purpose of efficiency. After all if we’re efficient we get more done, and if we get more done we can … well you know.

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Mass customisation in 2012 – the old new kid on the block.

Because we all want different things.

Essentially an iPhone is part plastic, metal, chips and batteries and much like any computer really only serves one purpose, and only one – it’s an interface between you and binary.

It’s an API. All a keyboard does is make sense of what you’ve got to say or do and translate that into a digital piece.

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Stuff I use – My Social Memories.

The Internet of Things is upon us. This maybe a frivolous ten with no, apparent, value other than what it is, but I would suggest that we are going to see more off line interaction with the on-line world in the near future.

The production of visual information via info-graphics is going to be very prevalent. After all we see more data in one day now than most people got in a life time in the past, so access to “quick understanding” is going to be key – methinks.

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