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Property Apps – Solutions Channel

Why do Landlords and lettings agents need it?

By enabling potential buyers to access property details directly at the point of sale, Property Companies

Key Benefits for the Property Company

Including the SolutionChannels text-back service with sign boards has proven to encourage Vendors to accept a For Sale sign when marketing their property – thereby increasing the awareness of your company’s brand.
Satisfy the curiosity of potential buyers 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
Serious buyers can request to be contacted, or will call you.
One simple flat fee per Property for unlimited messages while that Property is on the market.
Engage your buyer even when you’re not open by automatically having a brochure emailed to them or show them an video/audio tour of the property. Please note that the SolutionChannels text-back service operates equally well with QR Codes and the details of properties can be displayed anywhere – such as window displays, websites, property magazines and so on. This massively increases your market coverage and lowers the cost of marketing.

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Property apps –

Imfuna is a great digital app that allows the landlord to create robust inventories via your mobile – words, pictures, video and speech. Using this app protects you from any potential problems that may occur when the tenant leaves the property. Remember, the outcome of the tenancy is decided at the beginning, not the end, by setting up the tenancy with the correct documentation in the first place!.

I caught up with Chris Raniere, CEO of imfuna and asked him to give us soe insights into his product.

What is Imfuna?

Imfuna Let is the complete digital property inspection system automating the reporting process, reducing inspection times by 75%. The Let smartphone app embraces the core skills of the inspection routine and dramatically enhances the end product to produce a fast, reliable, professional report that will stand up in court. Let provides simple deposit scheme compliance, comprehensive inspections immediately, transcribed dictations from your mobile device, fully customised branded reports, and a property report history available 24×7.

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Property apps –

My friend Alex Caravello has a cool digital tool that some of you may be interested in, It’s a site that allows a Landlord to collect their rents via direct debit. Collecting rents via direct debit was not available to the small landlord, but now it is.

I asked Alex about :

What is it?

LandlordsRent Direct Debit Rent Collection provides landlords with a small business Direct Debit solution for collection of rents and other housing related charges. The service is a secure, web-based, paperless solution that links directly into the BACS system and provides daily reporting of all collections.

Why do I need it?

You only need LandlordsRent Direct Debit Rent Collection if you want to make sure your rent gets paid on time each month! There is no better way to CONTROL your rent collection … and let’s face it, that’s why we’re in business, to get paid!

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