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Google+ has 100m users! That’s nothing compared to electricity, which has nearly all the planet using it!

At some point Google, like facebook and all the rest, will ‘un-hide’ the fact that they don’t have 100m users – what they probably have is 100m sign-ups but only 5m users – and by users I mean self promotors – and by self promotors I mean those that are blinded by the bubble that is social media.

Only the tiniest of the minority use it as a social activity.

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Somebody e-mailed the other day and said … (irony)

No one that uses e-mail or can text can be called digitally dyslexic. there might be confusion over content planning but that’s not digital, that’s content.

And there’s the rub. Content is about only becomes relevant at the moment that you say something and someone else wants to know.

There is no magic bullet that fixes all. There is no secret to the on-line world other than content.

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I have found the best social media site ever.

You can chat with people. You can share stuff. You can upload pictures, video and music. You can share your lifestyle, where you are, what you’re doing and with who. It will send you regular up-dates from your friends it will even send you deals on specific products.

It is, by far, the best way of getting information. It’s robust, it very rarely fails.

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